Interested in becoming a sponsor for the Smoky Mountain Air Show?

Every year, millions of people make their way to local and regional air shows. Press corps turn out in force; front page articles and high-profile TV and radio coverage are commonplace with the ample photo and video opportunities.

The last air show in East Tennessee was in 2016. With over 225,000 spectators, it was by far the most attended event in the entire East Tennessee region. Air show sponsors are provided with a new and unique opportunity for advertising. Air shows provide world-class entertainment in a festival environment. Sponsorship packages are designed to provide maximum exposure while offering first class amenities for sponsors and their guests.

Smoky Mountain Air Show sponsorships are available starting at just $500.

For more information about sponsorships, please fill out the contact form below.

For additional questions, please contact smairshow@tys.org.

Business opportunities related to sponsorships and other show management services will be posted on flyknoxville.com/business-at-tys based on availability.

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