Volunteer Opportunities Available

The New Year has begun, and preparations for the 2016 Smoky Mountain Air Show are in full swing. An air show like this relies heavily on volunteers, and it would not be possible without help. Because of this, we are working very hard to make sure everything is in place for our volunteers prior to and during the air show. We will be providing volunteers with free parking on the day of their volunteer shift, lunch, and a t-shirt. Volunteering for the air show is a fantastic way to get a behind-the-scenes aviation experience that is rare to East Tennessee, and we would love your help.

Below are the different positions available for volunteers:

  1. Parking Attendant – This position is responsible for assisting with parking vehicles in designated lots, checking parking passes, and directing vehicles and parking them efficiently. This job is unique because it is involved with the efficient movement and parking of the vehicles that attend the air show. We have many spots open for this position, so it is a prime volunteer opportunity for groups or organizations seeking volunteer hours.
  2. Shuttle Announcer – This position is responsible for greeting air show attendees as they board the air show shuttle, announcing important air show information during the ride to the show site, and serving as a first impression for the air show. This position offers a very unique opportunity to deal with the attendees of the air show face-to-face. You will be providing attendees with vital information that will help them be more prepared and able to enjoy their day.
  3. Ground Clean Up – This position is responsible for keeping air show grounds free of trash, food, etc. Removal equipment will be provided. This position is especially important in the prevention of FOD (Foreign Object Debris). FOD is any object in an aviation environment that can be sucked into an aircraft engine or blown away at high speeds due to jet/propeller blast. FOD is very dangerous to aircraft and members working around aircraft. The ground clean-up position is responsible for making sure the air show ground is free of trash and other objects that can cause potential damage or injury.

If any of these positions interest you, or you simply have a love for aviation or giving back to the community, we would love your help. Also, if you know anyone who would be interested in volunteering, please direct them to this website or to the Volunteer Knoxville website for more information. For further questions or concerns, please email volunteer@tys.org.

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